Laurie Hugill

About our amazing accompanist...

Laurie Hugill retired in 2020 as well, so we are celebrating her incredible contributions to the choir program. Alumni and parents know that Mrs. Hugill did so much more than play the piano. She was a musical collaborator, tour chaperone, and friend. She is known for bringing a smile to everyone’s face and helping students in times of need. Students never missed an opportunity to chant "Hugill! Hugill! Hugill!" after every concert in appreciation. The choir program will not be the same without her kind and patient approach.

Mrs. Hugill is a native of Burbank, California and was the accompanist at San Ramon Valley High School for 17 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from the University of Southern California. Mrs. Hugill is currently a staff accompanist for the Danville Girls Chorus as well as several private instrumental and vocal studios. She is a consummate cook and entertainer and she loves anything Russian!