Planning Committee

We are a group of alumni from 1985 to 2021. Whether our big tour was to Sacramento or Spain, we all agree that singing with Mr. Abrams was the highlight of high school and taught us skills that make our lives better even decades later. We can't wait to bring the SRVHS choir family together in June 2022 to celebrate a remarkable teacher and friend. If you have questions or want to work on the event, feel free to e-mail

A.J. Mizes '05Avery Chapman '19Bryan Hughes '97Catherine Batruni '04David Flashner '00Iva Chen '99Jessica Julin White '98Joanna Julin Francisco '04Justin Gagnon '96Katherine Ramirez Wyman '98Katie Baird '11Matt Julin '97
Alumni from 5 states meeting on Zoom

Help us spread the word! Contact your choir friends and make sure they save the date for the reunion weekend and sign up for e-mail updates.

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